The Mentalist Jeff Blain has been capturing the imagination of his audience for the past 23 years.

Although less known by the general public since he does not perform on stage or on TV, he is well known and widely respected in the field by other magicians and mentalists, not only here in Canada, but worldwide by the people in the business. Jeff is one of the pioneer of mentalism in Quebec. He was also a consultant for television and film.

He masters close-up mentalism (manipulation, influence, mind reading) and stand-up magic using sleight of hands. His vast magical background combine with his dynamic display of showmanship and his certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) enables Jeff to influence human perceptions using techniques in psychology and hypnosis to make you believe anything is possible !

Jeff performs at corporate functions, private parties and special events for major corporations across Canada, USA, France and Mexico. His charisma, his attention and his ability to captivate people and to make them interact with each other is a guaranteed success and the highlight of every evening.

Conferences, promotional events, cocktails, seminars and conventions are miraculously transformed into memorable and inspirational events.